THE QUEST is an adventure with one clear goal: to reclaim childhood.

THE QUEST will take the form of:

  • A huge, ongoing action research project/CPD programme that will focus on: the adult role with the Kingdom of Play, who children are and what they MUST have every day, and the perceptions of play and childhood of families we work with and how these can be lifted so that parents and carers begin to passionately demand that their children are given a rich and abundant childhood.
  • A book, ‘THE HERO’S JOURNEY INTO THE KINGDOM OF PLAY’, using rich examples from those on THE QUEST to finally show that power and control do not belong in the Kingdom of Play, that they never have and they must never in the future. This is an opportunity to co-create a potentially transformative education book with Greg. THE QUEST wants your passionate voice within its pages.
  • An exciting training programme called ‘HOW TO PLAY’ created for young adults coming into the Kingdom of Play to work, to show them that childhood needs adult-adventurers who are able to play and be play-full. Those on THE QUEST can contribute to the programme with their own experiences and discoveries.
  • A parenting approach called ‘ADVENTURE PARENTING’, showing parents no-cost ways to spend Time Together, to chat and wonder simply and without pressure, but also giving them a toolkit so they can expect their children to have a childhood within education – this is critical to The Kingdom of Play. It needs parents to join its citizenship too.
  • The creation of a new national league table of every school in England that shows which ones have a childhood co-ordinator in them. THE QUEST will reveal to those on it how this role works and what it needs to be effective. The league table will be made public so that parents can begin to see which schools love childhood and those that do not.
  • A travelling exhibition featuring examples of children’s play from THE QUEST with public talks sharing how childhood must be valued and reclaimed from those who would entomb it.

All of the above is possible. It will take time but as with all adventures it can only begin with the first step – your passionate commitment to children and your desire to illuminate the Kingdom of Play for all to see.

THE QUEST stands ready. The call of the horn can be heard. You can either join THE QUEST and be part of something that will not only passionately call for change but also develop you as an adventurer in the Kingdom of Play and galvanise you in your own commitment to childhood, or you can ignore THE QUEST and continue on the journey that has been chosen for you by those who care little for the play inside you or children.

THE QUEST can’t choose you, but you can choose THE QUEST…

The door to THE QUEST is currently closed.